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Ilan Bracha

Ilan Bracha
Founder and CEO

Ilan Bracha, the founder and president of the real estate group IB Global, has long been considered one of Manhattan’s super real estate agents – having completed well over $2 billion in transactions. He has established an impressive global network of clients with asset portfolios valued at more than $10 billion.

IB Global’s mission is to realize results by establishing the strongest network of clients around the world, and to help those clients build upon their wealth. The team is firmly committed to excellence, valuing incomparable customer service, respect and integrity above all else. The Bracha team at IB Global understands that a home - a client’s most valuable asset - should be used as a vehicle for wealth building. Through unparalleled service, the extraordinary can be achieved.

Founder Ilan Bracha stands at the helm of every IB Global transaction and oversees the 20-person team – and that team’s continued success is based on its collective expertise.