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4 Luxury Appliance Brands You Need

4 Luxury Appliance Brands You Need

Setting up a new home is no easy task, a job made infinitely harder when you have to pick out new appliances. So how do you choose which appliances to buy and which ones to leave on your wish list? These appliance brands have been top rated and will set the tone for your dream kitchen.

Sub-Zero refrigerator

Recognized for its sleek, built-in look, this brand has found its way into many luxury kitchens. Founded in the USA in the 1950s, Sub-Zero was the first to invent built in refrigerators. Sold for about $8,000, they can be ordered in stainless steel or integrated panels to match the decor of your kitchen. Sub-Zero is the only built in refrigerator brand to feature a dual compressor system, increasing the market value of its unique product. This system enables the freezer and refrigerator to run on different cooling systems, which helps food stay fresh and controls the temperature in each of the units. Well known for its generous warranty, Sub-Zero covers all replacement parts and labor for up to two years and replacement compressors for up to five years. One thing is for sure, these appliances are built to last, and the company will guarantee that.

Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop

A recognized brand in the luxury appliance world, Thermador has been an innovator in kitchen appliances since its founding in 1916. Part of the BSH Home Appliances Corporation, Thermador is part of the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world, known for its unique styles and ideas. The Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop costs about $5,000. The high-end model features end to end electromagnetic surfaces, meaning there are no demarcated burners, so cookware can be placed anywhere on the stovetop. This cooktop emits less residual heat, has a faster boil time, and is child safe as it will only turn on when it senses metal.

Miele dishwasher

The German luxury appliance manufacturer focuses on durability, quality, and performance. Their highest end model dishwasher runs $2,500 and has no external buttons in order to seamlessly blend into the design of your kitchen. This model features Miele’s patented design, the “Knock2Open” sensor. This function enables you to open the machine with an armful of dishes by simply knocking on the dishwasher’s surface twice to activate the motorized opening system. Rather than use the common built in heater mode for drying dishes, Miele employs a condensation drying system where cool air is circulated along the outside of a steel tub that lines the interior of the dishwasher. Because water condenses on cool surfaces, the evaporated water will condense again on the cool steel tub rather than the dishes, keeping them cool and dry.

Wolf ranges

In 2000, Wolf and Sub-Zero merged to form one appliance company, while keeping cooking appliances manufactured under the Wolf name. A go to for professional chefs, Wolf ranges are known for their iconic red knobs. Costing about $5,000, they feature patented dual stacked burners where the upper tier delivers maximum heat while the lower ensures a gentle flame.