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What Is Haus?

What Is Haus?

From Uber to Haus, Garrett Camp has a new project. Haus. Clear for everyone. Fair for everyone. This new platform focuses on the buying and selling of residential property, digitizing and organizing offers from all parties to have more transparency during the negotiation process.

Currently real estate brokers send offers to sellers’ agents, through email, fax, and sometimes in person. Conversely, sellers’ agents compile offers in a spreadsheet, in an email, or sometimes with pen and paper.

Haus digitizes everything, allowing the seller to post their listing on their platform. Buyers and agents can both post offers, modify them, and see other anonymous offers.

There is a downside to this as well. Buyers can see all the other offers submitted on Haus, and cause a bidding war, driving the price up. Unethical sellers and agents could also inflate the prices through shill bidding. With that said, it may also drive away buyers who do not want to engage in a bidding war.

There is some concern this may replace agents entirely. Camp feels this platform would help instead of replace. It offers efficiency in the process such as compiling offers which can be time consuming. And most people still need the broker’s knowledge when it comes to marketing the property, understanding the value of a property and of course the dreaded paperwork that comes after.

Haus currently doesn’t charge anything but they may eventually ask for their showing fee. What do you think about Haus?