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What Is Ultra-Luxury and Why Is It Doing So Well?

Real estate jargon is known for its hyperbole. The term “luxury” is often thrown about like confetti and in more recent years as if that wasn’t enough, “ultra-luxury” has also come into the fray. But what does that mean? Can we define...

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This Summer Promises To Be One of Brooklyn’s Yet

I'm not surprised that Brooklyn survived and thrived during the pandemic. The most recent dizzying sales numbers from the borough confirm what we saw during a Covid decimated 2020, that Brooklyn has some serious staying power. Last year, the qu...

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Real Estate and Covid-19. The Way Forward

The current pandemic has undoubtedly changed the world economy dramatically for quite a while to come. For real estate investors, the specter of 2008 and the fall out from 911 looms eerily for us all. The important thing to remember on both occ...

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Nyc’s Decade of Decadence, Disaster and Dynamism

If there is one word to summarize Manhattan real estate over the last decade it has to be “luxury”. In fact, the descriptor’s been so overused – luxury condos, luxury finishes, luxury amenities – that luxury no longer became enough. ...

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