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The New Mortgage Rules You Need To Know For 2015

When it comes to home buying, the financing stage can often be the most daunting and confusing step. From finding the right lender to keeping up to date on standard rates and regulations, the mortgage climate is always changing and it’s hard ...

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Moving En Masse: The History Of NYC’s May Day

Moving is stressful, there is no denying it. Now, imagine doing it alongside thousands of other New Yorkers. While the 1st of each month still sees an influx of moving vans and sidewalk cast-offs, until around the second World War, most housing...

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Understanding The Nyc School System

When searching for a new home, finding the right neighborhood is essential, one that fits your personal wants and needs. For families or individuals planning to start a family, this includes selecting a neighborhood with a great school distric...

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Bracha’s Picks: The Best Parks In NYC

Here at Bracha, we're not ashamed to admit that we've got spring on our minds. Spring in the city is what cinematic masterpieces are made of. From sidewalk dining to sunset walks along the waterfront, spring brings out the best in New York. Mos...

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Tackling The Age Old Question: To Rent Or To Buy

The sun has finally graced us with its presence after months of snow and dreariness, a reminder that spring is indeed on its way and, with it, the NYC scramble to extend leases or find new housing before summer prices take effect. But with NYC ...

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