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Brooklyn On The Rise

While things are moving slower in the Manhattan luxury market, Brooklyn’s market is rising. One should note that what defines the luxury market in Manhattan is a price of $10 million plus and in Bro...

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NYC Has Yet To Tax Foreign Buyers

All over the world, foreign investors and buyers have been hit with a penalty tax for buying properties and using them as a pied-a-terre, or temporary residence. When the market is hot in these foreign countries, buyers and investors flood the ...

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Manhattan Apartment Sales Down 20%

Supply and demand. It’s one of the first things we learn in business. Right now there are a lot of apartments available for purchase in Manhattan and less people buying.

Sales of previously owned condos and coops fell 20% in the third qu...

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Queens Becoming Brooklynized

Long ago, Brooklyn was the refuge to those who couldn’t afford he sky high Manhattan prices. But not anymore. Queens is in the process of becoming “Brooklynized” by young professionals, hipsters and individuals trying to escape Brooklyn...

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How Will The L Train Shutdown Affect Us?

The MTA’s plan to shut down the L train in 2019 for repairs has sent those living along the line in Brooklyn on a quest to find new places to live. A report by Ariel Property Advisors states that search will take them to Queens, especially al...

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421A Version 2.0

421A, a tax abatement law, expired in January of this year but Govenor Cumo has come up with a new plan. 421A is a program started in the 1971, when NYC officials became concerned that people were moving to the suburbs and residential construc...

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Bitcoin Accepted?

Bitcoin Accepted Here

Brelion, a real estate crowdfunding company, announced earlier this week the launch of a bitcoin digital currency investment opportunity. Bitcoin digital currency users now have the option to invest and make up to a 24%...

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What Is Haus?

From Uber to Haus, Garrett Camp has a new project. Haus. Clear for everyone. Fair for everyone. This new platform focuses on the buying and selling of residential property, digitizing and organizing offers from all parties to have more transpa...

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New York’s New Short Term Rental Law Slams Airbnb

New York and Airbnb have never really been best friends. Airbnb provides short term rentals of apartments/homes with lower prices than hotels. It allows owners of apartments to make extra money, and is appealing to travelers trying to save mone...

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