Bitcoin Accepted Here


Brelion, a real estate crowdfunding company, announced earlier this week the launch of a bitcoin digital currency investment opportunity. Bitcoin digital currency users now have the option to invest and make up to a 24% return. The pilot property is a suburban, 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath residence. It was purchased and in need of renovations. The property manager expects the property to appraise for about 120.21 XBT. (click here for bitcoin exchange rate)

Brelion’s goal is to remove barriers to real estate investment by taking it out of the hands of banks, major funds, and giant corporations and making it accessible. Using the crowdfunding concept popularized by Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Berlion gives individual accredited investors access to alternative investment options as well as the ability to select projects. This gives mid-sized and small renovation firms access to capital without having to deal with traditional financing.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency system that allows peer to peer payments via the internet. It exists outside the control of any government and banks, preventing anyone from manipulating its value. Bitcoin has the potential of being an international currency, but is still in its early stage of consumer adoption.

However, the question on how secure Bitcoin is has come up. Just a few days ago, hackers stole bitcoins worth about $65 million in Hong Kong. The price of Bitcoin dropped 20% following the news.  Another incident is one that took place in 2014 at Mt. Gox in Japan. This raises the question on just how secure Bitcoin really is. This is not the first incident, and it may not be the last.

Berlion is taking a huge step forward with Bitcoin, but do you think it’s the right one?