With emerging technology and the rise of VR headsets becoming so mainstream and easily accessible it seems natural that real estate companies are picking up on the trend. There are companies out there offering a VR tour of the real estate space. But is it really worth it?

Imagine your client wants to view a building or unit that hasn’t been built yet. You can show them renderings or images of what it will look like. Or you can allow them to see it on the VR headset. Your client can walk through the space, turn around and get a true feel of the space. Some companies can even show the different shades of furniture within the space, making personalized decorating easier. And there is no fear of having to climb through a construction site of the unfinished building or unit. This technology is makes it easier for foreign buyers to invest and buy without stepping foot inside.

Due to the price of the software and the technology of these VR tours, they remain exclusively for luxury properties. Though some feel that this is just a trend and too gimmicky, while others feel this is beneficial. You can’t be misled by sneaky angles of tiny rooms in images, because you can walk in the space and see just how big it exactly is.

Where do you stand on this?